Optibus OnTime

Optibus OnTime™ empowers public transportation operators to address problems that trigger bus delays, before they impact passengers. Optibus OnTime™ alerts operators about buses that might be late for their next trip, providing them with an option of handling the problem in real-time by re-adjusting the schedule and assigning alternative buses and drivers to those trips. Optibus OnTime™ verifies that the dynamically created schedule is cost-effective and complies with all the pre-defined preferences, constraints, and regulation rules.


  • Tackle unexpected problems and delays before they snowball to impact many more passengers
  • Reduce reserve levels of both vehicles and drivers
  • Improve on-time performance to increase passengers loyalty and reduce penalties

Operate on Exception (OOE)
which alerts the operator
when a problem occurs

Operator makes educated
decisions based on delay
consequences data

Modified schedule complies to the
original preferences and
regulation rules

Statistical data for analyzing accumulated savings of
time and money

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